Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Apple //e To iiGS Raspberry pi Distro How to Install.

This is an How to Install the Operating System inside your Micro Secure Digital:
The Image is based on Raspbian Wheezy and dont work on Raspberry B3.
1)Use WinRAR to uncompress it from the archive. Download WinRAR from here!
2) Use Win32DiskImager to Install the image inside the Micro Secure Digital selecting the image from the folder image and the Micro Secure Digital from the drive letter and press write, let it fill inside the image and after this insert the Micro SD inside the Raspberry pi Win32DiskImager Download

To start the Apple iigs Operative System

1)These are the commands to use it, press F10 when linapple blackscreen is booted then write at the login id:pi and pass:apple 2 write at the next linux prompt gsport and return, to exit the GS click shutdown on the menu and after press Alt F4 on the keyboard. To close the computer write sudo shutdown -h now at the prompt.
Enjoy your new Apple iis!

To Start Apple //e

1)leave the Raspberry pi load the black screen until you see the arrow on the screen and then press F2 then SHIFT F2 then F2 again to go inside Applesoft (here you can program in Applesoft Basic, press F3 to choose a program to load and then F2 to restart the machine.

To Go inside the MacApple Desktop

1)At the loaded black screen of linapple press F10 and at the linux prompt write the login id :pi
pass: apple2 at the next prompt write startx to start the MacApple desktop, here you can add your Apple ii programs and games in your Apple ii folder inside the desktop to find them in the apple ii menu of programs and games with F3 in linapple. You can download them with the browser from internet or copy them from an usb stick.


Monday, 27 February 2017

NeXT Computer Mini Raspberry pi B3 powered

This is my new creation, a Mini Raspberry pi B3 NeXT Computer.
I have rebuilt the logo with an inkjet printer for the little cube black case bought on ebay some years ago and put it central in front of the case after having cutted it by hand with a scrissor and glued it making attention.
I have also rebuilt the NeXT Operating System using the PIXEL Distro for raspberry pi B3. I have removed the pixel logo at bootup make load a startupscreen that i have carefully rebuilt with NeXT logo and made start a terminal to do not see the kernel loading as much as possible.
I have after rebuilt the Desktop wallpaper with gimp watching to match the ecxact color for desktop and menu bar. I have moved the menu NeXT logo to the right and let the menu opening at the left side. I have also installed a dock that can be loaded by the menu with the NeXT logo.


I hope you enjoy it!


I have found a nice person in the NeXT Computer Enthusiasts Facebook Group that build very cute NeXT in scale Cube very similar to the original one but holding the Raspberry pi B2 or B3, so i have bought one and after one week of waiting it's arrived at destination. I have installed inside it in a minute the Raspberry pi B3 with my Operating System and now it's a new working NeXT cube. It's white like you can see from the photograph so you can see the power and SD leds lightning, for the choose of Adam Sommerfield who made it but there is also a Black version like the original one i advice you to buy one it's really nice.
Here the photograph:

The NeXT Machine powered by Raspberry pi B3

NeXT Desktop

NeXT Desktop with menu opened


NeXT Desktop with Dock opened

A Video Showing The Booting 


I have moved the Menu bar on the Right and refitted to be more like the Original NeXT OS one, also the text menu color is changed.

Menu open.


Friday, 24 February 2017

Apple ][ Mini Replica

MattLinapple Operating System is now part of Retroconnector by Charles Mangin sold also on Etsy enjoy his creation:

This is an Apple ][ mini replica

 The inside with Raspberry pi B2 well connected

operating system working in this machine

The presentation of Boulevard game playing in MattLinapple

Boulevard gameplay

I hope you enjoy this recreation of Apple ][ like i do! 

A little of History about MattLinapple.

MattLinapple is born in april 2016 like MacApple Operating System, it was a modified Raspbian GUI with Apple ii, Apple iigs and Macintosh emulators. It was donated to the Apple II enthusiasts facebook group like MacApple and had a nice success.After that i want to try to built an Operating System more similar to the one offered by the original  Apple //e, and i made it working in the 2016/10 Retrochallenge competiton for my Apple //e in paper Case Raspberry pi Computer.It was really fun and sometimes hard to develop it but i got the Retrochallenge people Enthusiasm and it was great!
After Retrochallenge competition, i have found an Apple ii hardware shop interested in my software, i helped the propietary to build the description and image of the site and we sold a little number of them to the public, the money was as little as you can think for software of a 40 years old computer but the satisfaction was high! : ).
Now Mattlinapple is sold with Charles Mangin wonderful Raspberry pi case Apple ii reproduction and i'm happy this Operating System have found his hardware like the Early Days!!!

Matteo Trevisan

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Mattechnology Sells his Apple ii and Raspberry pi Software via

I'm happy to announce that Mattechnology is in partnership with to sell his software.
You can find my software here at the 2Store:

2Store Mattechnology Software link Click here

And you can find more information about my software at the Ultimateapple2 forum:

Ultimateapple2 Forum about Mattechnology Software Click here!

Monday, 26 December 2016

Artificial Intelligence new frontiers...

I speech about Artificial Intelligence in an a post in this blog and tought we where too early with software programming to have an artificial intelligence similar to the one of humans, but now after some new applesoft programming i have found a new way. Why not make the AI do a question and after let her wait for an answer, i think this is a new frontier for ai, you can also make interact two computers AI makeing one AI in question and the other in answer having an infinite speech. have a look at my little AI example made work under emulation:


Friday, 16 December 2016

Virtual reality at your fingertips!

Yeasterday is arrived my Christmas gift, a visor for vr reality with andorid and iphones compatibility, after the first hours of immersion in android and iphone vr apps (really well made!) i wanted to try something new, why not connect the pc applications with my vr visor. As soon as possible i have found a fantastic client application for android phones (TrinusVR) installed it tried in demo mode (free 15 minutes vr session) opened one of my pcs and installed the server application from trinusvr homepage (bought it!). After wasting a few time figuring out how to setup the image for my visor and cellphone and how to make start it,i had in my hand a clone of an oculus rift, incredible i can see my pc desktop and applications working in 3d vision. Tried with some Apple emulators like basiliskii and kegs and why not Applewin everything worked fine, the only ability that is left behind is the one of watching true the visor and writing in the keyboard (i think we need a onscreen keyboard to do this like the one in android and iphones app). I was able to play under dosbox titles like Wolfenstein and doom with mouse and keyboard placeing my finger in the right place before of playing.

A really enjoyeble reality!!!!

Matteo Trevisan

Apple iigs emulator running in visor vr.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Mattechnology Software is in partnership with Ultimateapple2

I'm happy to announce that Mattechnology is in partnership with to sell his software.
You can find my software here at the 2Store:

2Store Mattechnology Software link Click here

And you can find more information about my software at the Ultimateapple2 forum:

Ultimateapple2 Forum about Mattechnology Software Click here!