Wednesday, 20 September 2017


Hello nice people,
This time my ¨quip¨ is Put a TIGER in your ENGINE!
I want to try to reverse engineering an Apple G4 Cube Power MAC, using a spare paper case a Raspberry pi and Raspbian Pixel OS.
How you know the G4 Cube wasnt a lucky machine for his sellings in Apple, one for his high price and one for his potential. I want to Revaluate this Aestetically spelindid machine so it can be built with a small fabric costs.

I have no idea if this project will finish in something good and in time.
But I will make my best to have a functional paper G4 Cube.


Friday, 31 March 2017


Yes i have won!!!!
1 of 6 winner is me.
This is me with my prize!

here you can download the linux distro:

Raspberry pi All Version Atari TOS like with emulators get it here!

x86 pc and mac Atari TOS like with emulators get it here!

Hello Everyone,
My new project is about ATARI world, i have made an Operating System for Raspberry pi (all version) with Atari emulators and Atari games for linux so it's reverse engineering some old Atari consoles. I have reproduced also in package paper a Raspberry pi b2 b3 Atari 2600. I have also installed in a USB stick the Distro Debian Jessie PIXEL for x86 machines and costumized it as Atari TOS. I have made a ramake of Atari 2600 videogame Breakout in Scratch programming language that is evolved in a Atari 2600 Console Interface, where you can choose 4 different games (two working two only a pictures). I have finally mounted the SD Atari TOS Pixel for Raspberry pi image inside my AMIGA 1200 Raspberry pi Creation to have a real working Atari ST Clone, and it worked!!!! I also made as latest thing an Apple iigs mini computer that can be compared to Atari ST, with the case by Charles Mangin and a Raspberry pi b2 and my Retrochallenge 2016/10 Mattlinapple distro and connected it to internet with Web Browser and IRC etc. I hope you will like my projects.

An approximative image is attached where everything started.

Read down to the page to know more about all the projects.


Here we go another Retrochallenge is started, this is how i have started:

As usual i want to start my project from the Hardware base and more precisly in this instance with the Case of the Atari 2600 Raspberry pi B2-B3 Console. But remember what is a Car without Wheels? A Banjo without String? Yes it's Hardware without Software!!!  So I have choose the Atari 2600 Case because it's the first Atari console ever made and  there will be also an Atari 2600 emulator inside my Operating System.
Like material i have choose the cardboard box because i dont have a 3D printer to build the case in plastic material. So i have cut a rectangular piece of cardboard box and with the Raspberry pi B3 in my hands i have drawn the case at free hand only helping me makeing the lines with the Raspberry pi B3 edges. I have cutted the draw with a scissor and bend the sides with my hands. I have glued the edges with some glue let it take place and after i have used Gimp inside my computer to draw the printing of the slots over the case and the cartridge slots takeing the right measure with the decimetre. I have also resized the Atari logo and printed everything with my inkjet printer, an inexpensive Canon one! I have cut with a scissor every image and glued over the cardbox case.
When it got dry i have inserted the Raspberry pi B3 and voila' it fitted perfectly

Here There are some photographs of the creations, my Atari 2600 Raspberry pi b3 Case and a principle of Atari Operating System.

Front View

Side View

Side Connectors View

Back View

Atari 2600 Rpi Distro View

Proceeding with Retrochallenge i have updated the Operating System Changing the Booting Process of Pixel Distro for Raspberry pi, here a video:

Here we are!
I promised to Reverse Engineering the Atari TOS OS so  i tryed to make Pixel the more similar possible: I have changed the Desktop color to an acid green, changed the menu bar removing everything other than the menu and add a black Atari logo to it.I have changed the font to the Atari one and the menu bar and text color the more similar possible to Atari TOS. Here an image of the desktop:

I have then made the startup screen more similar to ATARI TOS Operating System than the one of the Pixel Distro here a video:

This is my install of Atari Stella for Raspberry pi running E.T.. Atari was unable to find E.T. in the discharge but i have found it in http://. Enjoy the video!

I have matched the Atari TOS Operating System menu bar color with the one of my Pixel. Before i made it acid green, now itś white like the original, also the highlight text and text color is now black in the menu.
Have a look:

I have installed and configured Hatari an emulator of Atari TOS, i have used the free rom EMUTOS and the free HD image from the website of Hatari. Configured everything et Voila' a new video:

This is a small video of the gameplay of Rick Dangerouse under Hatari EMUTOS Atari ST emulator for raspberry pi:

I have installed and configured Aranym virtual machine to run EMUTOS under raspberry pi and it works well!

For the Joungest Followers and Fans a little of Atari history is delined here:

This is Decathlon Videogame under Atari 2600 Stella Raspberry pi emulator, it's very smooth!

I have installed and configured to play another emulator, Virtual Jaguar an emulator of the Atari Jaguar console. Like you can see from the video the frame rate isn't of the best so i have reduced the window to 1x. It's still a little slow but we have to remember this is a development platform not a power computer a Raspberry pi b3.

I was talking about cpu speed and RAM capacity in the previous post, and i have tought to give a try at PIXEL Operating System for x86 machines. So my project has taken another turn again. I have downloaded the PIXEL Distro for x86 and tryed to install it inside an 8GB USB stick with etcher but nothing it doesent worked, so i do it my way and used my favourite software to fill the image inside Raspberry pi and it worked. I have inserted the USB stick inside a dirty 6 years old assembled by me PC i3-2100 with 8gb of ram and a dedicated graphic card and give it a try. Booted in usb it worked like a charm!!! Now i have the power i needed to run every Atari emulators but i have to rebuild everything from zero. So let's work......

 The PC i use

This is what i have made in this few minutes installing configuring and customizing everyting in the PIXEL for x86, next time we check the jaguar emulator speed!!!!

How promised i have make run Atari Jaguar emulator under Pixel x86 machine.Who wins the challenge Raspberry pi b3 or i3-2100, is a 1.2 ghz quadcore with a 3.1ghz dual core with multi threading enabled 1gb ram machine with 8gb ram machine. How i thought the gameplay is more smooth in the PC and faster than the Raspberry pi mhz and more ram made his challenge!!!! Here the video first in normal mode window than at fullscreen.


To show to you that iḿ not jockeing but i have both the PIXEL Raspberry pi b3 and PIXEL x86 working i have taken a screenshot of both distro:

Raspberry pi B3 Hw Specifications Screenshoot

i3-2100 Hw Specifications Screenshoot

I'm installing also some Linux Games with porting from Atari one, the following is Enigma a puzzle game from Atari Oxyd.

Proceeding with the Operating System configuration i have thought why not try an usb traditional Joystick with all this Atari emulators!? And so i made. I have found a Speedlink USB to test, every emulators present in my Operating System accept it and works really fine. Here an example:

Coming from Atari history, BREAKOUT game programmed by Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs and Nolan Bushnell now works under my Atari TOS Pixel Distro. There is an image with the version for Atari 2600 and another for ATARI ST.

Taken by Atari Breakout and Pixel, i want to try to program a Breakout game by myself with the most beutiful programming language for Raspberry pi ¨Scratch¨.
So i started and for now i have a working ball and paddle environment, next is building the blocks, have a look:

I made it my way! A Breakout game in some hours itś very basic but works enjoy it at this link Scratch Breakout Atari 2600 like Click Here!

This is a Video of gameplay from my Breakout programmed in Scratch for Retrochallenge 2017/04 similar to Atari 2600 Game. 

I have divided by 3 the number of the blocks before they where lines now they are bricks enjoy the image: TO PLAY BREAKOUT CLICK HERE

I have added a second level with the colors similar to the one of the Atari 2600 Breakout and YOU WIN schreenshot at the end of the game: TO PLAY MY BREAKOUT CLICK HERE!!!

This is a really short video of the new gameplay of Breakout Atari 2600 like for Retrochallenge 2017/04.

I have added a Soundtrack made by me in 8 bit called Silent Hill to the game. TO PLAY MY BREAKOUT CLICK HERE

I have aligned and resized the bricks to improve the gameplay.

I have made my best to have the most similar Atari 2600 environment also takening the same gameplay as the Atari 2600 Breakout here a comparision:

I have improved the reaction of the bricks over the ball, now they disappear every time they are hit like in the real breakout, it was not so easy but i made it!Pure coding!!!! TO PLAY MY BREAKOUT CLICK HERE

Coming back to my ATARI TOS Pixel x86 Operating System i have tried a challenge, the installation of Wine under linux pixel x86. A real challenge because package under repository are not complete so i had also to compile it by Terminal.
But i won the challenge and wine works successfully. So why not install an Atari 800XL emulator from Windows environment, the Atari 800XL emulator lack under linux so i made it!!!! Here some screenshoots

Recapitulating, i have the following emulators running under my distros:

                   Raspberry pi                                                                 Pixel x86

                   Atari 2600       yes                                                         Atari 2600     yes
                   Atari ST          yes                                                         Atari ST        yes
                   Atari 800XL    no                                                         Atari 800XL  yes
                   Atari Jaguar   yes                                                         Atari Jaguar  yes

The Atari 800XL not running under Raspberry pi is because there is no wine support for computers that are not x86.

This is a Demonstration on how the Atari 800xl games are well handled by my wine under x86 Pixel, this is Donkey Kong from Nintendo:

Next Step Altirra, yes i have found another Windows Atari emulator and i have make it works under my x86 linux Atari TOS Pixel Distro with Wine. Found Atari BASIC and putted jet at work have a look my first Atari program : ).

Another Linux Atari porting: Kaboom! videogame is an atari game ported in linux with the name Mad Bomber like you can see from the photograph;

Gnu Robbo a Linux Porting From Atari Robbo enjoy!!!

Retrochallenge is still on so why not try another idea also if my project are finished!!! Oh yes!!!
I have built a Sample of an Atari 2600 Console Interface, here you can try it TO PLAY CLICK HERE some photos here!!!!

I have added to the Atari 2600 Console Interface a Decathlon fake game and a working Move It game, TO PLAY CLICK HERE!!!
Pictures here:

This is a short video of My Pixel Linux Distro running z26 windows atari 2600 emulator under wine and the game Frogger.

Here The z26 Interface and Donkey Kong screenshoot:

I have added to the Atari 2600 Console Interface a Miss it! button instead of Move it! like the original Atari 2600 game and i have modified the game to add a blue square to have a more similar evironment to the Atari game.

I have modified the game Miss it! to play it pressing only M on the keyboard!


This is a screenshoot of Montezuma´s Revenge for Atari 800 under Altirra in my Atari TOS Pixel Distro working fine:

This is TuxPuck a linux porting of Atari game Shufflepack Cafe´ really nice game:

I have try an experiment make run my Amiga 1200 Raspberry pi with my new Atari TOS Pixel distro to make an Atari ST like Clone enjoy the video!

Just for the people that dont know this is the Amiga 1200 Raspberry pi i have built some years ago as prototype and i have make run the Atari TOS Pixel Raspberry pi version, more info here : AMIGA 1200 Raspberry pi Prototype

This is the built made by hands.

Another video of an Atari 2600 game to Linux porting called Solar Fox in Solar Wolf:

Also Jounger seems interested in Atari... Clarence by Cartoon Network Story

Here the video... Press Play on Tape.

Another Atari Linux porting from Atari lynx, Atari ST: Chipś Challenge in linux called Tile World.

And as latest thing i have assembled a Charles Mangin Apple iigs miniature Raspberry pi b2 Computer, not Atari related but like written in Wikipedia "but otherwise has capabilities comparable to the Atari ST" and i have installed my modified Retrochallenge 2016/10 Mattlinapple distro to make work the IIgs like a real one, i have also connected it to the net with contiki web browser running and IRC. The electronic is the same as Apple //e in paper case by Retrochallenge 2016/10. Some pictures here:


THANK YOU!!!! 100.000 +

Thank you to all my Blog Visitor, I'm arrived at 100.000 + click over this blog. And a big Thank also to Google who make this possible.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Apple //e To iiGS Raspberry pi Distro How to Install.

This is an How to Install the Operating System inside your Micro Secure Digital:
The Image is based on Raspbian Wheezy and dont work on Raspberry B3.
1)Use WinRAR to uncompress it from the archive. Download WinRAR from here!
2) Use Win32DiskImager to Install the image inside the Micro Secure Digital selecting the image from the folder image and the Micro Secure Digital from the drive letter and press write, let it fill inside the image and after this insert the Micro SD inside the Raspberry pi Win32DiskImager Download

To start the Apple iigs Operative System

1)These are the commands to use it, press F10 when linapple blackscreen is booted then write at the login id:pi and pass:apple 2 write at the next linux prompt gsport and return, to exit the GS click shutdown on the menu and after press Alt F4 on the keyboard. To close the computer write sudo shutdown -h now at the prompt.
Enjoy your new Apple iis!

To Start Apple //e

1)leave the Raspberry pi load the black screen until you see the arrow on the screen and then press F2 then SHIFT F2 then F2 again to go inside Applesoft (here you can program in Applesoft Basic, press F3 to choose a program to load and then F2 to restart the machine.

To Go inside the MacApple Desktop

1)At the loaded black screen of linapple press F10 and at the linux prompt write the login id :pi
pass: apple2 at the next prompt write startx to start the MacApple desktop, here you can add your Apple ii programs and games in your Apple ii folder inside the desktop to find them in the apple ii menu of programs and games with F3 in linapple. You can download them with the browser from internet or copy them from an usb stick.


Monday, 27 February 2017

NeXT Computer Mini Raspberry pi B3 powered

This is my new creation, a Mini Raspberry pi B3 NeXT Computer.
I have rebuilt the logo with an inkjet printer for the little cube black case bought on ebay some years ago and put it central in front of the case after having cutted it by hand with a scrissor and glued it making attention.
I have also rebuilt the NeXT Operating System using the PIXEL Distro for raspberry pi B3. I have removed the pixel logo at bootup make load a startupscreen that i have carefully rebuilt with NeXT logo and made start a terminal to do not see the kernel loading as much as possible.
I have after rebuilt the Desktop wallpaper with gimp watching to match the ecxact color for desktop and menu bar. I have moved the menu NeXT logo to the right and let the menu opening at the left side. I have also installed a dock that can be loaded by the menu with the NeXT logo.


I hope you enjoy it!


I have found a nice person in the NeXT Computer Enthusiasts Facebook Group that build very cute NeXT in scale Cube very similar to the original one but holding the Raspberry pi B2 or B3, so i have bought one and after one week of waiting it's arrived at destination. I have installed inside it in a minute the Raspberry pi B3 with my Operating System and now it's a new working NeXT cube. It's white like you can see from the photograph so you can see the power and SD leds lightning, for the choose of Adam Sommerfield who made it but there is also a Black version like the original one i advice you to buy one it's really nice.
Here the photograph:

The NeXT Machine powered by Raspberry pi B3

NeXT Desktop

NeXT Desktop with menu opened


NeXT Desktop with Dock opened

A Video Showing The Booting 


I have moved the Menu bar on the Right and refitted to be more like the Original NeXT OS one, also the text menu color is changed.

Menu open.