Monday, 15 August 2016

Moore's law is over! and what will be the future of Artificial intelligence?!

Whe know that computers become more powerful and smaller of half his size every 6 month, but now with the new technology getting even smaller like the raspberry pi & co. and miniaturized intel key pcs i think it will not be possible to arrive at a smaller size and power because our I/O interface doesent permit it, how can be an USB connector smaller than a micro usb? it will be not useful! our finger are not able to manage smaller things. So with moore's law over also the Artificial Intelligence will stop to grove because there will be no more Mhz to fill in it. Artificial Intelligence need to be programmed in a smarter way if we have no more power at hour hands, i think this is great because there will not be a computer smarter than a human but can be only faster. Computers needs to receive commands to work and without a human this is not possible, an autonomouse computer is very hard to do.

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