Friday, 16 December 2016

Virtual reality at your fingertips!

Yeasterday is arrived my Christmas gift, a visor for vr reality with andorid and iphones compatibility, after the first hours of immersion in android and iphone vr apps (really well made!) i wanted to try something new, why not connect the pc applications with my vr visor. As soon as possible i have found a fantastic client application for android phones (TrinusVR) installed it tried in demo mode (free 15 minutes vr session) opened one of my pcs and installed the server application from trinusvr homepage (bought it!). After wasting a few time figuring out how to setup the image for my visor and cellphone and how to make start it,i had in my hand a clone of an oculus rift, incredible i can see my pc desktop and applications working in 3d vision. Tried with some Apple emulators like basiliskii and kegs and why not Applewin everything worked fine, the only ability that is left behind is the one of watching true the visor and writing in the keyboard (i think we need a onscreen keyboard to do this like the one in android and iphones app). I was able to play under dosbox titles like Wolfenstein and doom with mouse and keyboard placeing my finger in the right place before of playing.

A really enjoyeble reality!!!!

Matteo Trevisan

Apple iigs emulator running in visor vr.

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