Here we come!
A new project. I'm starting to build a new computer with a raspberry pi model A+ computer. In my case everything is external to do not violate the case of the monitor, but it is possible to connect the raspberry pi model a+ directly to the display with the display port and use it internally making a little bay for the usb connector in the monitor chassis.

In this project we needs:

1) Raspberry pi model A+ Computer
2) Monitor with HDMI Input
3) Some Patafix gum
4) An USB HUB with ethernet HUB or an USB HUB and a WIFI dongle
6) Raspberry power supply
7) USB Keyboard and mouse
8) 8 GB Micro SD with Raspbian installed.
9) OPTIONAL 1 Solar Charger with battery pack.

This project is easy for everyone. Just connect the Raspberry Pi model A+ in 4 points in the back of the board with some Patafix to the back of the monitor near the HDMI input, not so close.
Connect the HDMI Cable to the HDMI connector in the Raspberry pi Model A+ and to the HDMI input in the back of the monitor. Connect The USB 4 ports hub to the WIFI dongle and to the mouse and keyboard USB cable.Connecte the Power supply or Solar charger to Raspberry,
now you have only to install the Raspbian OS to your SD card and setup it and your new AOC Computer Will be ready!

Here True Image...

Setting up everything....

And now.... TA DAM!

Everything working!!!

And Now... AMIGAAAAA!!

Running TAWS an Amiga OS 4.1 simulation inside the browser.

A little modification to the back to use also the third usb port, usable for a DVD or something else....

 An Amiga Game under emulation working perfectly!

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