Burroughs PC Raspberry Pi Paper Case RETROCHALLENGE 2016/10

Work in progress from October for Retrochallenge 2016/10.
In my Retrochallenge entry, i want to complete the Burroughs paper case to be more perfect.

New Update:
I have added two heatsink over the Raspberry Pi B2 ethernet silicon chip and over the CPU because i have run a 1000mhz overclock to have a more reactive DOS and Raspbian interface have a look:

I have covered the paper case of Burroughs pc with new package paper and redesigned the face plate for the Retrochallenge 2016/10.

This is the Burroughs PC Raspberry Pi Paper Case with DOS system running at boot up that i have built: I have used a Raspberry Pi b2, a small package paper box and Raspple distro, i have installed the DOS emulator rpix86 from Patrick Aalto RPIX86 and made it run at boot automatically modifying a command line in Raspple II by Ivanx http://ivanx.com/rasppleii/. This is the command line i have made: Open a Terminal window in Raspple and write sudo nano /etc/rc.local , press return , over the line "exit 0" write sudo /home/pi/dos/./rpix86 press ctrl-X and the job is done.
I have also setup from a terminal window in sudo raspi-config the boot from text menu without entering the gui.

Here some photos and video:

Final Release

I have used some more glue all over the case to make it more smooth. I have added 2 screws with bolts to the raspberry pi true the case to have a solid station and i have made an hole true the paper wall inside the case to access the micro SD card from inside.

Previouse Release

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